Absorbent materials

Absorbent materials

These absorption materials are made of non-woven polypropylene. This material offers the advantage of being light and thus saving on disposal costs, it is clean in use and conveniently packaged, so easy to put back …

Within this group of absorption materials we have 3 groups:

  • Oil only (which absorbs oil but repels water. These can therefore also be used on water to remove oil from the surface water)
  • Universals (for all kinds of activities)
  • Chemicals (which absorb all chemicals)

These are available in rolls, mats, snakes …

At the customer's request, many other products can be purchased from us, such as intervention kits, dispensers ...

Of course we also have the classic absorbent grainsin which we have 3 different qualities:

  • The absorbent grains “extra” that are based on clay stones (bags of 20 kg)
  • The grains “semoule”, fine quality for faster absorption (bags of 20 kg)
  • The “Absonet” organic grains, made from wood fibers, made non-flammable that ensure a very fast absorption and light weight (bags of 45l)

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