Bewitex is an exceptionally soft cloth and very absorbent. Because of its hole structure, dust is easily absorbed, and the cloth is highly suitable for the cleaning of delicate surfaces. Due to its softness, the Bewitex is an ideal solution for polishing cars. The bewitex is available in 40 gr/m², 50 gr/m², 70 gr/m² to 75 gr/m². This fabric is made from viscose / PET or 100% viscose.


Sectors Industry, Printing, Automotive, Cleaning, Aviation
Mesures40cm x 36cm, 30cm x 38cm, 40cm x 60cm, 42cm x 38cm, 32cm x 36cm, 60cm x 36cm,38cm x 30cm
Grammage40 gr/m², 50 gr/m², 70 gr/m², 75 gr/m²
Composition100% viscose (viscose/pet)
ExecutionFlat, On roll, Z-fold, Interfold, With case, Case-less

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