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Wiptextra is a cloth that meets the highest requirements. For specific applications where prompted for a lint free, highly absorbent and solvent resistant cloth, Wiptextra is an excellent solution. This fabric is made of wood pulp and polyester and is available in white, blue and turquoise color. Wiptextra can be used for cleaning computers, cleaning presses, degreasing cars, streak-free cleaning of windows, ... Wiptextra can be offered in different grammages and, creped or smooth.Wiptextra can be offered in different grammages and, creped or smooth.


Sectors Industry, Medical, Printing, Automotive, Cleaning, Chemistry & pharmacy, Aviation
ColorsWhite, Blue, Turquoise
Mesures42cm x 38cm, 42cm x 25cm, 30cm x 36cm, 42cm x 30cm
Grammage55 gr/m2, 68gr/m2, 77gr/m2
CompositionNon woven wood pulp, Polyester
ExecutionWhite, Blue, Turquoise

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